Stake Out We had a high reputation for being the best process server that offers stake out service in Los Angeles. We know what to do when it come to stake-out services. Our stake-out rating is 90% successful rate. Our investigator teams is working day and night to make sure that our client get the best service and their document is being serve in a timely manner. We make sure that the person is being serve cannot hide and we will find them. No matter how hard is the job we will get them serve.  

 We know Stake Out duty is very difficult task, but no matter where they hide or trying to avoid serve. We will serve them! Sometime stake-out process can be very complicated, but all of our staff take our business seriously by assuring that your document will be serve. Let us help you and get your document serve the right way.


How can we become # 1
  • Value our customer as ” King”
  • Well trained staff to make sure that they performed their duty professionally
  • Help look over all the document to make sure that every paper is attached
  • Built the latest GPS technolgy and tracking System to make sure that every defendant is being serve on time and accurate
  • Serve according to court regulation
  • In-house Document Assistant preparer to help with written up proof of services
  • Serve fast with reasonable price